Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been a long time gone.

Well, I know that it has been a long ass time since I posted on here. Let's see...Jason and Buzzy broke up...again. I don't even know what to do with those two anymore.
Let's see...I've been away from here so long, I can't even remember what all needs to be brought up.

Heard from Maverick again. Twice. Jean and Spyke stepped in both times.
Amora got married. I haven't even met this guy. I'm not very pleased. She's my daughter, damnit! >(

Also, if anyone sees Liam, kick him in the ass for me. That jack ass has been missing for 6 months. Not like it's the first time, but still.

I guess I'm off. I'll try to update more. Maybe.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


So things have been eerily silent of late. The guys all moved out. I heard from Jean about a week ago, because I needed some one to look after my little neice. Then Mike the next night. But other than that? Hardly a peep. It's basically just me and Lorn. But Lorn isn't a friend or anything. He's just attached to the house I reside in. Annoying as hell, that.
I enjoyed the quiet at first..but now? Now it weighs on me, presses in on me. I feel like I'm being drowned in it.
But I deal.
I always deal.
No questions asked or answered.
Just me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Damien was around for a little while, it was great. Mike and Jase should be home in a little while, meaning Mike is most likely moving back in with me...kill me.

Other news...nothing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I think I want to kill something

Liam was over last week (he moved out by the way), and I really thought I was going to kill him. Evan was over and so was Zane and I swear to fucking hell, I really wanted to kill all three of them and they weren't even over at the same time!

Maverick is backing off for a little bit, I guess or something to the sort, I haven't had to deal with him for a little while. What ever, my life is hectic enough without him.

Angel is AWOL again, no ida where he his. I asked Jason, but he said he hasn't seen him in about a month.

I had a bad run in with zombie last week, filthy scum. The one got a pretty good hit on, so my arm is still a little numb. Reliez said I'd be fine though, so long as I didn't push it. As if. Just my luck, it'll just start to really heal and something else will try to eat me. Things are always trying to EAT ME! and not in a fun way either. I fucking HATE zombies!
Fuck it, I'm out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Damnit all to hell!

The dreams are getting worse! All I see when I close my eyes is the vivid memory of losing Liam all over again! There are only so many times we can bring that ass hole back to life! Then I have to deal with Angel telling me that I need to continue with my studies! *snarls in frustration* I thought I was the boss of this army and here we go, my brother-in-law's husband ordering me around like I'm some little puppy or something. Like I don't have enough to deal with Maverick lurking around trying to off me and so such. *shakes head* there is really nothing else to do but sit my ass down and breathe for a little while. *smiles weakly* What ever, I'm out

Aniya V

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today is the NOT the greatest, bite me Billy Corgan.

I really do love the Smashing Pumpkins, do not let the title mislead you. I just had a bad day. Liam is living with me again...and as not horrible as that sounds, it really is a nightmare. He bitches about damn near everything. Walking around with him in tow is not my idea of a vacation. And then it gets better. I had to deal with Maverick today...and for those of you who do not know, Maverick is a pyscho that wants nothing better than to see me dead. D. E. A. D. like, in the ground rotting corpse dead. And I already died once, it is not an adventure I would like to be repeating any time soon. So I had to deal with him trying to figure my mind out all day. And it gets better (or worse depending on where you're standing) Aquaria is pissing me off like crazy and Junifer is dating Aeris. Junifer being Jason's (my brother) ex wife. Aeris is my son...which makes June his aunt. Do you know how creepy this is? Arysia is even a little bothered by it and she doesn't really give a damn about her annoying little brother. We have a screwed up little famlily and it is beginning to bother me. I love my kids to death, but some days I just want to beat their faces in. Or knock thier heads together, but they whine about that. And all the while, I just really miss Damien and Angel.

This has been an installment of the crazy rantings of me, Aniya V.

An intorduction to the madness

This is a fictional blog. Aniya Verra and other so such counter parts are just a figment of my imagination and nothing more. This is just going to be a creative out vent for me. If you don't like it, get the hell over it. I'm just developing some mad skills. xD