Monday, April 6, 2009

I think I want to kill something

Liam was over last week (he moved out by the way), and I really thought I was going to kill him. Evan was over and so was Zane and I swear to fucking hell, I really wanted to kill all three of them and they weren't even over at the same time!

Maverick is backing off for a little bit, I guess or something to the sort, I haven't had to deal with him for a little while. What ever, my life is hectic enough without him.

Angel is AWOL again, no ida where he his. I asked Jason, but he said he hasn't seen him in about a month.

I had a bad run in with zombie last week, filthy scum. The one got a pretty good hit on, so my arm is still a little numb. Reliez said I'd be fine though, so long as I didn't push it. As if. Just my luck, it'll just start to really heal and something else will try to eat me. Things are always trying to EAT ME! and not in a fun way either. I fucking HATE zombies!
Fuck it, I'm out.